Notes on a Ravnica Deckbuilding RPG

The official Ravnica D&D book is wonderful, and I hope we can get future volumes for planes like Innistrad and Dominaria. I've spent a while thinking about how to run a campaign within it, but first I'd have to learn a lot more about both playing and running D&D games.

I also love the idea of deckbuilding-based RPGs, and have sketched out ideas for my own system before realizing, “why not use a card system proven to be great?”

And from there, why not combine the two ideas?

The basic premise is this: You start off with a 20-card deck from the guild of your choice. You fight encounters of escalating difficulty, increase your deck size and starting health, find new loot and cards, and explore entwining plotlines.

My main hurdle so far is, how to handle everything outside of card-based combat? A string of Magic matchups might work as the main gameplay throughline, but half the fun of Ravnica is all the intrigue and politicking. D&D stats might work, but then there's not much of a way to elegantly merge it with the Magic half. Freeform roleplaying feels a bit too thin and ad-hoc, too.

All that aside, here's a first draft of the game's structure:

The player's starting decks:

The encounters:

Some plotline ideas: